Pluto and Charon image
Pluto and Charon – enhanced color – Courtesy NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Pluto is a small dwarf planet that orbits along with a moon that is almost the same size called Charon. ¬†They act as a double planet. Pluto also has a glacier on its surface that looks like a heart. People used to think Pluto was just an icy rock, but now some scientists theorize there is a warm ocean beneath its icy exterior. ¬†Pluto is deep emotions, obsessions and transformation, but transformation isn’t always “bad”.

Revolution (1 day)153 hoursSolar cycle (1 day)153 hours
Orbit (1 year)248 yearsoval
Thin atmosphere that expands when closer to the sunrocky coreMagnetic field is tilted by 57 degreesmagnetic field is weak
Sunlight Travel time4 hours to 6 hours 40 minDwarf Planet
Pluto Return248 yearsPluto Retrograde


obsession, depth