Moon – Courtesy NASA/JPL/USGS

The Moon causes the tides in the oceans and stabilizes the wobble of the Earth’s axis.  The moon’s stabilizing influence on the climate makes life possible.  In astrology, the moon represents our emotional life and the nurturing we give and receive. Physically, the moon rotates as it orbits the Earth and always shows us the same side.  The other side is hidden from us, and some craters on the poles are even hidden from the Sun. This seems to correlate with our experience of our emotions. Some are very accessible to us throughout our lives, but others are rejected or unexplored, hidden as we build our defenses in childhood.

The Moon is a Yin planet – feminine and receptive. The Moon was considered Cold and Wet by the ancients. The Moon was considered to be the ruler of Water and fluid metabolism as well as the emotions.

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