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I’m Christine Chase and my obsession with astrology continues. I’m interested in the underlying concepts and energies of astrology, but I haven’t settled into an approach to it yet.

I’ve been studying Traditional Astrology since the beginning. It appeals to my desire to trace things back to find out how they came to be how they are. I also like the way that the meanings of planets, houses and signs stand on their own and the way that the planetary relationships and aspects are understood. I’m currently taking a horary astrology course with the School of Traditional Astrology (STA). This is giving me a firm grounding in the principles that astrology is built on in addition to the ability to use a chart to judge questions.

I also took a course in Energy Astrology, which I like for the energy exercises and some of the ideas that helped me see myself from a different angle.

Currently, I’m studying Vibrational Astrology, which is based on harmonic charts. In Vibrational Astrology, each vibration (harmonic) has a specific meaning. The strong planetary patterns in that vibration give insight into how that part of your life wants to operate.

I live in South Florida and attend meetings and workshops for the SFAA and NCGR. I became a board member for NCGR and I work on the website for our chapter (Florida Atlantic). I love these groups because of the variety of topics we’re exposed to and the excellent speakers that come share their knowledge with us.

I created this website to share my ideas and also to build a collaborative community.
Thank you for your participation in this endeavor!

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