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Vibrational Astrology strives to find the underlying energy that always rings true to the client. From the underlying energy, you can often trace to some of the well known archetypes for the planet or zodiac sign, but the idea is to start with the pure energy definition.

Vibrational Astrology uses harmonic charts to magnify all of the relationships between the planets. With Vibrational Astrology, we can divide the circle into an infinite number of slices instead of being limited to the aspects that are traditionally used. We can also learn more about those traditional aspects in the natal chart because they correspond to particular divisions of the circle (vibrations/harmonics) too.
Note: I say infinite, but undoubtedly there is a limit to what we can feel. No one is sure of the top number, so I simplified the sentence.

Each vibration corresponds to a particular part of a person and how they operate.

Using the traditional aspects, we see that they are not incompatible with the meanings we are used to.
1 – Conjunction – the planets work as one, they express the pure energy of that harmonic
2 – Opposition – interactions with others
3 – Trine – smooth and flowing
4 – Square – actions and drive
6 – Sextile – interactions with others in a smooth and flowing way

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In the vibrational chart, we look at the planets and their relationships. If there are three planets in the same type of aspect, they form a circuit. Energy will flow through these planetary circuits in that area of life. The meanings of the planets in the strong circuits will say something about the part of the person’s life indicated by the vibration you are looking at. Conjunctions with three or more planets operate purely in that energy. The other aspects still flow if they are in a circuit, but they are really part of the vibration family, not the pure energy of that particular vibration.
For example, a grand trine in 5 V (quintile) is really 5×3 or 15 V. In 15 V, you will see the planets in the grand trine in 5 V as a conjunction and you can see what interacts with them.

These relationships allow you to view the planetary relationships from multiple levels. Different planets may join the pattern depending on whether you are in 15 V or 5 V which can help refine your interpretation. We wouldn’t look at 3 V for this pattern, because we can’t easily see quintiles in the chart and we wouldn’t read them there.

To preserve these mathematical relationships, proportional orbs are used.
1 – The conjunction gets the relatively wide orb of 16 degrees.
2 – The opposition has an orb of 8 degrees. (16/2)
3 – The trine has an orb of 5 degrees 20 minutes. (16/3)
4 – The square has an orb of 4 degrees. (16/4)
6 – The sextile has an orb of 2 degrees 40 minutes. (16/6)
8 – If you use the semisquare and sesquiquadrate, the orb is 2 degrees (16/8)
12 – If you use the semisextile or the quincunx, the orb is 1 degree 20 minutes (16/12)

Conjunctions and Oppositions can form a circuit with any aspect as long as 3 planets are involved. The other aspects have to connect to the same type of aspect (hard or soft) for the energy to flow. For example, you can have a circuit with a square and 2 semisquares or two sextiles and a trine or two semisextiles and a sextile. The quincunx will never be part of a circuit because it is a hard aspect and the semisextile is a soft aspect. Instead, the quincunx describes a challenge that you feel motivated to grow into over time. It is the only aspect that is read by itself.

When you read a strong circuit, these aspect patterns are descriptive of behaviors or motivations of the person in the area of life indicated by the vibration. The energy wants to flow. Clients will often identify with the energy definitions and tell you how they express it in their lives. If the energy is blocked for some reason, it still tries to flow. In extreme cases, this can cause dysfunction or dissatisfaction. Vibrational Astrology can help clients see what wants to flow so they can consciously bring an outlet for that energy into their life.

Planets, Signs and Houses

On this site, each page of descriptions of the planets and the signs has a section that explains the energy definitions that were discovered by the research group that works with Vibrational Astrology. These are my interpretation, but you can also see links to the direct source in the References sections of each page.

It is important to note that zodiac signs are only lightly used in Vibrational Astrology. The research group of Vibrational Astrology found that signs have more to do with style or the approach a person takes than it does with personality or traits. The signs were not predictive of the type of work a person would do or the behaviors that they found in the biographies. Instead, the idea is that the sign colors the way the person sees things, often subconsciously. Each sign is correlated with a fact of life that acts as a lens that colors the person’s perception. Signs influence the way the person relates to the world and how they do what they do, but not what they do.

Signs are subtle. It is hard to determine how they will manifest, so they generally aren’t considered in the reading. Houses are also not used. Due to the magnification of errors that result from the calculation of harmonic charts, a very precise time would be needed to be able to rely on the houses in the chart for most vibrations. Instead, the focus is on circuits (aspect patterns with 3 or more planets) and midpoint patterns.

Midpoint Patterns

The circuits drive the behavior and motivations. The midpoint patterns show resonances in the chart, planets that vibrate together because the arc distances between them are the same. The orb for midpoint patterns is 1 degree 30 minutes, but the focus is on the ones that are less than 15 minutes.

These tight resonances describe the underlying orientation and inclinations of the client. Midpoint patterns can be very powerful and descriptive for a person and they are always an important part of a Vibrational Astrology reading. Vibrational Astrology uses tools to look for many types of midpoint patterns to find these predispositions.

Some midpoint patterns contain aspects or circuits between the planets that resonate together with the same-length lines. A tight grand trine and a tight grand cross are examples of a circuits that are also midpoint patterns. These are very powerful. They indicate a behavior that resonates deep within you.

Sometimes a midpoint pattern will have aspects along the resonance lines that don’t join together to form a circuit. The planets in aspect that are also on a resonance line will show up as behavior too, but it may not be very strong.


Vibrational Astrology is a new and interesting perspective on relating astrology to a person’s life. It can help them understand which vibrations are screaming the loudest for expression and it can help them understand what wants to flow more freely in them. Join me in this new tool of exploration!

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Graphic created from one of the planetary mandalas in Sirius 3.0

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