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Venus is the personal planet representing grace, ease and joy in life. One of Venus’ roles in the chart is to be a cooling influence. So it may be surprising that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. Interestingly, Venus spins slowly in the opposite direction as compared to the other planets (except for Uranus). In fact, Venus’ day lasts longer than Venus’ year. Similarly, in astrology, Venus helps us slow down a bit and appreciate the good things in life.

Venus is associated with beauty, love and attraction. Venus has a cool elegance or an air of luxury. Venus is associated with relationships, diplomacy and harmony.

Venus is a Yin planet – feminine and receptive. Venus was considered mainly Moist (and Warm) by the ancients but also a little Cold and Wet. The quality of Moistness brings things together. Venus rules the kidneys, veinous circulation, aesthetics and the sense of taste, especially sweet taste.

Venus is a benefic in the Night sect.


Venus has Domicile rulership of Taurus and Libra.

Taurus is a sensual sign that takes its time to fully enjoy life. Taurus is slow and steady. Taurus is about working with nature, or just enjoying it, and Venus is at home here.

Libra is a sign of relationships and diplomacy. There is a subtlety to working with others, and Venus is elegant and tactful. Venus sees the beauty of balance, and she is at home in Libra.

Venus is in Detriment in Aries and Scorpio.

Aries is individualistic and can be impulsive. Venus is oriented towards relationships and she wants to take the time to gain compromise. Venus is far from home in the impulsive driving energy of Aries.

Scorpio is passionate and intense and wants to get to the truth. Venus always wants to be tactful and tries to see both sides of the issue. Venus can be uncomfortable in the intensity of Scorpio and she is far from home there.

Venus is Exalted in Pisces. Pisces is a sign of connection and fluidity where Venus can realize a higher vision. Venus is looking for harmony and connectedness and she can find that natural flow in the oceans of Pisces.

Venus is in Fall in Virgo. Virgo is a sign of details, of discrimination. Venus can be distracted from the harmony of the song as she focuses in on executing every individual note perfectly.

Although Venus is of the Night sect, she is the Triplicity ruler of Earth signs and Water signs in a Day chart.

Vibrational Astrology

In Vibrational Astrology, Venus represents attraction and classical beauty, the beauty of symmetry and harmony. When Venus is part of a three planet pattern, it adds an element of beauty or a focus on what you’re attracted to or on what you attract.


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