Traditional Astrology: Assessing the Planets

View the recording of this 5 hour+ event for the NCGR Florida Atlantic Chapter
Recording – NCGR Florida Atlantic

Assess the Planets with Traditional Astrology

$200 for 8 weeks (2 hour class each week)

  1. Planets, sect and primary qualities
  2. Planets in Motion – Signs and Houses
  3. Rulership and Dignity including minor dignity
  4. Aspects and Reception including Symmetry (Antiscia and Ascension Time)
  5. Witnessing and Testimony, Adherence and Engagement
  6. Counteraction
  7. Overcoming, Opposition, Striking with a Ray
  8. Enclosure/ Besiegement

Online class – Wednesday evening 8 PM to 10 PM USA Eastern Time (5 PM to 7 PM Pacific)
New class starting soon!

Bringing the Sky into the Chart

$180 for 6 weeks (2 hour class each week)

  1. The sky – circles for the chart
  2. Concepts for house division
  3. Motion in the sky, The Moon
  4. Synodic cycles – Superior Planets
  5. Synodic cycles – Mercury and Venus
  6. More practice with charts

Online class – Starting in 2022


Dates for these classes have not been set yet
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