Yin, Mutable, Earth

A Yin or Feminine sign or planet is receptive and oriented inward.

Mutable signs are flexible and adaptable. They are still in their season but feel they could move to the next one.

Earth signs are stable and grounded. They are solid and often related to our bodies and our senses.

Earth is considered a Dry element, which means that it has a tendency to separate things into their distinct parts. Earth is also Cold, which slows things down and can bring things together into solid form.

Virgo and these Qualities

Mutable signs can be dissatisfied with the status quo. They want to reach something higher, but they can’t always decide exactly what should be done or maybe how to do it. Virgo’s reputation for pickiness and perfectionism may be drawn from this mutable energy. Virgo can see the way that things can be better or more harmonious, but it always seems undone or needing more.

As Yin Earth, Virgo is reflective and grounded. Some of the desire for change from the mutable energy can be turned into a more internal analysis of their life and their health. This can result in the routines and health regimens that are often associated with Virgo.

As Dry Earth, Virgo has a tendency to separate systems into their component parts in order to analyze everything at a more detailed level. This ability to emotionally distance from a situation gives them a perspective that can help with problem solving. Virgo can be seen as unemotional and detached, possibly because of this ability to take a step back and find a new perspective.

Rulership of the Body

Virgo rules the digestive process and the intestines.

The bodily processes ruled by Virgo break everything down, filter out what is important and useful, and get rid of the rest.

This is reflective of the detail-oriented and yet systematic thinking that is associated with Virgo. Virgo can be very discriminating and has the ability to recognize which details are important and which are not. These add to the analytical reputation of Virgo, many of whom are recognized as people that can see the problem and also fix it.

Because Virgo rules the gut and also has the ability to absorb the details and the big picture simultaneously, many Virgos have a gut-level intuition that can be very powerful. They can quickly judge what is happening and act on that judgement in a practical way.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury imparts a mental quickness to Virgo. Mercury helps Virgo articulate what she is thinking in addition to heightening Virgo’s analytical ability. Mercury also allows Virgo to free herself from the heaviness of Earth a little bit. Yet, Virgo still has the practicality and realistic perceptions that the Earth signs are known for.

More Thoughts on Virgo

Virgo is seen as someone who will work hard, but it is not about seeking recognition or success. They see what needs to be done and do it.

Virgo likes to work within a structure, probably because they have the practicality of Earth.

Virgo is diligent about the day to day maintenance required to keep things running. Virgo is conscientious and attentive to these tasks.

Virgo has the dedication of practice. Virgo understands that the time that you give impacts what you will get back.

Virgo desires to have a depth of understanding. Virgo will look at many sides of the situation. Virgo is often seen as an expert.

Virgo is seen as the Virgin, the young Maiden.

Virgo is considerate and expects others to be considerate to them.

Virgo has a natural sense of harmony and is inclined to integration. This motivates Virgo to mind-body integration activities. This is also what drives Virgo to take action. Virgo sees how things can be and they also see what needs to be done to achieve the vision.

Vibrational Astrology

In Vibrational Astrology, each sign is an approach to life, it’s how we do things, it’s a phase in making our contribution to life. Virgo’s contribution of life is to bring divine order into the manifest world. Virgo has a sense of the underlying structure and pattern of nature that is hidden behind the world that we see. In the stage of development that Virgo represents, the intention is to bring these pure ideas and orderly patterns into life in a concrete way. Virgo wants to reveal the elegance of nature in tangible form. Virgo wants to put us into alignment with the natural order.

In actual people, this is an unconscious instinctual drive that can come out in different ways. Virgos may have an attraction to tangible items that reflect the beauty of the mathematic, geometric world or tangible items of elegant beauty and quality. The person with very strong Virgo may not have a correct picture of the divine order, but they will tend to have a vision of what is “right”. When Virgo sees things that are not in order, Virgo sees it as “wrong” and will work to bring life back into alignment. For this reason, Virgo is not necessarily compassionate. Sometimes Virgo overlooks the human qualities in favor of a more abstract sense of a pure design.

In Vibrational Astrology, the zodiac sign is secondary. It can help us understand what the person is trying to do (whether they are conscious of it or not). In the case of Virgo, the underlying motivation is to open us up to the hidden beautiful world behind the manifest world, to live in tune with the natural order.


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