Physical Properties – Planets and Lights

I would have never believed how much trouble I’m having figuring out what I want to say about the planets!

I started by correlating their physical properties as objects in the sky with the collective astrological impressions of their symbolism. As I read the descriptions of the planets on the website, I was really seeing these amazing correlations. I even felt like I might be on my way to some sort of interesting model or new understanding.

Then, I got to Saturn.
Saturn, contrary to my pre-conceived notions, is a gas giant with little or no solid core. It really threw me for a loop. I was ready to think of Jupiter that way, but I was not ready to read that “Saturn is the only planet in our solar system whose average density is less than water.” Or “As a gas giant, Saturn doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling gases and liquids deeper down.”

So I was stuck, but I still like the idea of trying to do this, even if I don’t know whether or not it will ever come together in a perfect way. Much like the way that astrology helps me look at myself from a different angle, these physical properties are helping me think about planetary significations from a new angle. I really like that!

I hope you enjoy these blog posts, all focused on relating physical properties to the astrological significations of the planets. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don’t but it leads to new thoughts either way!

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Uranus and Neptune: Crazy Magnetism

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