Horary Astrology

A horary chart is an astrology chart that is cast to try to help the client (querent) with a Question. This question should not be offhand or frivolous. The querent needs to be personally invested in the issue.

When the astrologer understands the intention of the question and how they will approach it, they cast the horary chart.

The idea is that the timing of the querent’s motivation to seek help and the astrologer’s intention to help them will result in a horary chart that exposes details and information that the querent can use to make a decision or understand more about what may lie ahead.

Horary is the most divinatory type of astrology. The sincerity of the question and the participation of the astrologer are essential. If you ask about an issue that doesn’t involve you, the horary chart will not help you with the question.

There are a few different approaches to horary astrology. The approach I use is grounded in Traditional Astrology. Horary was a popular form of early astrology. Most regular people did not know their natal chart… or maybe even their birth date. However, the timing of the Moment is something the astrologer always has.

In all forms of Horary, we find the planet that represents the querent and the planet that represents the issue (significators). Then, different methods are used to evaluate the question and come to a judgement.

In Traditional Astrology, we look at the overall environment of the chart and its angles, the condition of the significators and other planets involved with the querent and the issue, relationships between them and indications of movement. It’s a holistic approach that is intended to illuminate the question so the possible outcomes can be better understood.

Horary is a wonderful tool, a gift, but it doesn’t make the decisions for you or force anyone to take a particular action. The sincere client evaluates the chart interpretation and applies it to their situation to better prepare for what’s ahead or to make a more informed decision. Possibly, the horary reading will help them see things from a different angle.

Horary is a wonderful form of astrology with a long tradition. I feel honored to participate with it.

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