Yang, Mutable, Air

A Yang or Masculine sign or planet is active and oriented outward.

Mutable signs are flexible and adaptable. They are still in their season but feel they could move to the next one at any time.

Air signs are mentally stimulating and social. They represent the mind and the intellect and our communication with others.

Air was once considered to be a Cold element, but as the theory evolved, Air became primarily Wet and also Hot. In the Stoic tradition, Air was Cold and rose up to temper the heat of Fire. Aristotle modified this when he developed a model that looked to the qualities of Air itself. Air is Wet because it is formless, adaptable and unlimited and Air is Hot because it is active and energized.

It’s a little more complicated, but I like to consider all of these qualities when I think of Air. Air as Cold makes sense to me despite the physical properties of literal air because logic and communication requires a bit of detachment and distance. You have to separate from something in order to analyze it or talk to it.

Gemini and these Qualities
Gemini fits Yang and Mutable because the energy can be very active and there is flexibility in their approach. Gemini is associated with quick mental connections, curiosity and interactions with others. Gemini likes to learn and can adapt easily to new information. Gemini likes conversation and wants to stay interested in everything it does.

I think the Cold quality of Air goes with the mental aspects of the element. You have to step back and detach a little to be able to take in new information and learn from it.

Gemini is Hot because it is associated with quickness and activity. Gemini is Wet because it is very adaptable. The outgoing Gemini can also bring people together.

Rulership of the Body
Gemini rules the lungs and the nervous system.

The bodily processes ruled by Gemini are usually operating outside of our attention. We do not need to tell ourselves to breathe or to have internal nerve firings.

This is reflective of the effortless multi-tasking of Gemini. Gemini is associated with youthful energy and with having many interests. Gemini can also make mental connections easily which helps them communicate their ideas in an understandable way.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury moves quickly unless it is near a station where it will change direction. This active planet fits in well with the mental quickness and flexibility associated with Gemini.

Mercury is constantly changing from one side of the Sun to the other, but always stays a maximum of 28 degrees away. This is interesting because because Gemini represents the Twins. Castor and Pollux were opposites, but they chose to be together for all time.

More Thoughts on Gemini

Gemini is the Twins. There is an idea that Gemini can be of “two minds”, shifting between opposites or being two things at once.

Gemini is social. They can be perceived as chatty and light.

Vibrational Astrology

In Vibrational Astrology, each sign is an approach to life, it’s how we do things, it’s a phase in making our contribution to life. Gemini’s contribution of life is curiosity and the ability to observe the world with fresh eyes. Gemini can be interested in the random and also the predictable. They want to know how things work, so they observe it all and they ask questions. Gemini does not strive to master a subject or to create a fixed theory or model. Gemini wants to explore and investigate and learn something new. They will enjoy the subject for as long as they stay curious. In the stage of development that Gemini represents, the intention is to stay open and curious while exploring the beautiful and diverse complexity of our world.

In actual people, this is an unconscious instinctual drive that can come out in different ways. Geminis may pursue varied experiences or they may stay on a certain subject absorbed by many layers of discovery. If Gemini specializes, their insatiable curiosity can lead to high performance, but they are not interested in mastery. They become talented and skilled because they are exploring something they love. When judgement and pressure comes in, it can destroy the experience and cause tremendous frustration and anxiety. Gemini is not necessarily light and breezy. They can be overwhelmed and stressed by a life removed from what’s really important, enjoying and exploring life. It feels unacceptable that life has to be all these pressures. if provoked, Gemini may overreact or act in childish or extreme ways because they are not afraid to open themselves up. Gemini is not free of being troubled or depressed

Although Gemini knows there is no final explanation for the way things are, they may forcefully defend a position or belief in certain situations. However, later, they are likely to consider other options. Gemini keeps looking for new information, so they generally do not have rigid, entrenched belief systems. If they have been exploring a topic for awhile, they may be able to make a strong case to defend their view.

In Vibrational Astrology, the zodiac sign is secondary. It can help us understand what the person is trying to do (whether they are conscious of it or not). In the case of Gemini, the underlying motivation is to stay curious and open as they explore the experiences life has to offer.


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