Christine Chase

I offer several different types of consultations


Do you need additional insights about a question that is relevant to you?
With a good question, horary can be a very useful tool.
I use a Traditional Astrology approach to Horary and was trained by the School of Traditional Astrology
fully explore the question. $75

Vibrational Astrology

Which vibrations are most prominent in your life? What are the planets in that vibration saying to you?
We can also target a vibration and see what it has to say
Vibrational Astrology is an exciting new methodology and I’m happy to share it.
Note: Accurate time of birth is required for this type of reading
60 min $125

Natal chart reading

What does your chart say about you?
My approach is primarily based on Traditional Astrology. However, I use quadrant houses and the outer planets (but not as sign rulers). I also check a few specific asteroids to see if they are prominent. If you have a particular topic you want to focus on, please let me know in the form.
Note: Accurate time of birth is recommended for this type of reading.
60 min $125

Year Ahead

Which parts of your chart will be activated in the year ahead? Which themes might become important to you?
Note: Accurate time of birth is recommended for this type of reading.
90 min $200

Request a Reading
After the form is submitted, I will contact you via email to schedule an appointment and request your birth data (optional for Horary) I will need date of birth, time of birth and the location that you were born. If you don't have a time of birth, a reading can be done (except for VA) but some information won't be able to be determined.