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To read a vibration, look at the harmonic chart. When a harmonic chart is created, the position of the planets is multiplied by the number of the vibration. This changes the location of the planets. Planets that have that relationship in the natal chart (x/V) will show as conjunctions. We can also look at what circuits they complete and what other aspects exist in the chart. Aspects show the planets in the same vibrational family.

If a tight conjunction or other close aspect can be seen in the natal chart, it will also show in several vibrational charts. Take note of these tight natal aspects so you do not interpret them purely of the energy of the harmonic chart you are looking at. As you increase vibrations, you will see these planets move farther apart as the chart is magnified. All of these vibrational charts show natal relationships. The harmonic chart just magnifies the vibration so we can see it better.

Each vibration corresponds to a way that we operate in our life. Everyone has every vibration. Some vibrations have more energy running through them making it more likely that we feel compelled by them. As vibrations get higher, the energy tends to be more internalized or abstract.

The following has brief description of the researched vibrations. Please see the References section for links to additional material that goes into more depth on each of them.

Prime Number Vibrations

1 V (Conjunction)

The first vibration is the natal chart.
With a conjunction, the planets work as one. The conjunction purely expresses the energy of the vibration.
The 1 V can also be read as a vibration. The 1 V is the part of you that references yourself more than any other source or person. In 1 V, your thoughts, feelings, experiences and worldview inform your judgement.

2 V (Opposition)

Polarity, interaction with others (can be sharing or conflicting)

3 V (Trine)

Smooth flow of energy, dislike for conflict and obstruction

5 V (Quintile)

This vibration is the part of us that plays and has fun. It is not rigid, so it is also the vibration for creativity.
Playful and creative, non-linear, organic and fluid

7 V (Septile)

This vibration is the part of us that is quiet, still and introverted. It describes how we are when we are by ourselves. 7 V can take things deep inside themselves and sit with them. 7 V has the ability to focus without distraction. This can be meditation, but it can also be having the discipline to practice something regularly to gain mastery. It is associated with elite athletes and other high performers for this reason.
Deep, quiet, detached, focused, profound, silence, introversion

11 V (Undecile)

This vibration is the part of us that is dissatisfied and restlessly seeking something more. It needs to move, get out and explore. This is also seen as an unstable vibration, it always feel incomplete.
Restless and dissatisfied, hungry, wants fulfillment, moving and dynamic

13 V

This vibration is the part of us that seeks the specialness inside ourselves. A strong 13 V has a sense of mission, they feel responsible to do something special. Some strong 13 V feel exceptional or entitled. They may think they do not need to follow other people’s laws (mob boss). 13 V is an internal vibration, we do not need other people to recognize it. This is an internal vibration that may be something we think we can tune into and express. We may feel a need to express in a special way or relate to something special.
The 13 V drives us to be special and understand what that means to us.

17 V

This vibration is our empathy, the part of us that has an interest in the stories of other people. A strong 17 V may be an actor that can transform themselves into a character, fully immersing themselves in the story. It could also be a novelist transporting us to another time and place or a counselor experiencing the world of another.
Interest and participation in other people’s stories, empathy

19 V

This vibration is the part of us that analyzes patterns and structures to try to come up with a way to improve a system. A strong 19 V can take a broad detached view across multiple ideas and ways of doing things without being entrenched in their own culture or world view. They may look at the components of the system, different ways of doing things, what people think about how things work and/or how the system came to be how it is. 19 V is mentally focused and objective. It seeks to figure out what’s there, how things fit together, how it works and whether or not the system is effective at doing what it is supposed to do. From there, a strong 19 V learns a new perspective and can often coordinate the efforts of others or change parts of the system so everything will work together more optimally.
Analysis, systems focus

23 V

This vibration is the part of us that wants to follow our own ideas about what to do in certain situations of life. A strong 23 V will take risks if they have to in order to express themselves in their own unique way. This may mean they fail because they won’t listen to coaches or other types of experts.
23 V also describes situations where you can’t know the answer, but you have to make a choice and do something. The 23 V will collect and analyze all the data it can to try to find the best solution, but in the end, the data is not complete. The 23 V has to use their intuition and make a choice without being sure of the outcome.
Individualistic, does things in a way that comes from inside themselves

29 V

This vibration is the part of us that wants to experience world views that are different from the one we grew up with. This is not mental understanding, 29 V wants to feel like a part of something different. A strong 29 V will immerse itself in new culture or a different lifestyle. This can be another country, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be any type of group that is not like the environment you grew up with. The 29 V can transform people by expanding their world view and giving them another way of experiencing the world.
Experience different cultures, expand world view

31 V

This vibration is our sense of awe and wonder at the mystery of life. It’s the part of us that is skeptical of simplistic answers for life and death questions. Strong 31 V has a desire to dig into that mystery to try to make it into something more concrete. They feel compelled to seek understanding or experience of the things it’s impossible to know. They often find experiences and gain understanding, but they know they don’t have the whole answer. The mysteries can’t be put into words.
Interest in the mysteries of life and death, skepticism of easy answers

37 V

This vibration is the part of you that has a special way of looking at the world that comes from inside yourself, not from others. A strong 37 V may have a complex personal structure that guides them in a way that is independent of the influence of others. They may focus in on a particular area and lose interest in everything else as they try to realize their vision. In this case, other people may join them as followers, but they won’t have any input. Movements created by strong 37 V can’t survive their death, they collapse without their unique vision.
Internalized and independent way of looking at the world

41 V

This vibration is the part of you that wants to bridge the divide between concepts that are experienced as separate to you and your understanding. Others may not see them as separate, but you do. A strong 41 is dissatisfied with this separation and feels compelled to bring them together and connect them somehow.
Connecting separate concepts so they can be understood together

43 V

This vibration is the part of you that wants to connect to what is most fundamental in yourself. 43 V is digging deep and trying to transcend their ego issues to find what is at their core. A strong 43 V may shape themselves to their roles or identify with their circumstances because they haven’t been able to find who they truly are and what matters to them. At a high level, a strong 43 V may live from their core and also put their ego aside to recognize that everyone has something special. At a lower level, a strong 43 V can feel that it is much more special than other people.
Sincerity, self-criticism, trying to find the most fundamental part of yourself.

47 V

This vibration is the part of you that is not content with accepted norms and wants to reform them. The 47 V wants to find what is unknown, subconscious and secret. The 47 V wants to know the whole story, and will reveal these hidden issues in an attempt to change the narrative
Expose the hidden nature of things.

53 V

This vibration is the part of us that evaluates how our current decisions will make a difference to our future path. 53 V is exploring many different options and considering their unknown future. It can be a playful vibration, looking at the flow of time in a fun and creative way.
Considering the options in the path of life

59 V

This vibration is the part of us that is devoted to a tradition or way of life and wants to preserve and protect it. The 59 V may be identified with the tradition as a symbol or representative. In some cases, the 59 V is able to innovate inside the tradition, preserving its longevity. In other cases, the 59 V is seen as out of step with the times because they are instead aligned with the tradition or world view which has been unchanging.
Identified with a tradition, culture or worldview.

Powers of 2

Powers of 2 have to do with interaction and action. For all powers, moving up to the next power brings the energy to a new level. As vibrations get higher, the energy tends to be more internalized.

4 V (Square) (2×2)

Motivation and drive, taking action, challenge to achieve, the ways you take action

8 V (Semisquare) (2x2x2)

Acting to make something real in the world, driven to achieve things, what you do when you express outwardly from yourself, something you have to do

16 V (2x2x2x2)

Internal drive, internal thought patterns that others don’t see are the basis for your action

32 V (2x2x2x2x2)

Deeply internalized drives and motivations that drive action. It comes up inside the person and they feel the need to do it, sometimes subconsciously. It can even come up as a sudden awareness that’s already fully formed.

Powers of 3

Powers of 3 have to do with the smooth flow of energy and dislike for conflict and obstruction. For all powers, moving up to the next power brings the energy to a new expression of the energy.

9 V (3×3)

This is the part of us that is a member and participant in a community. This can be about any kind of community, even animals. 9 V is about bonding, connectedness and wholeness. A strong 9 V tries to smooth things over and may not confront problems.

27 V (3x3x3)

This is the part of us that has an extreme need for peace and harmony. It is pacifist and idealist. A strong 27 V will even feel sick if they cannot avoid conflict.

Other Researched Powers

For all powers, moving up to the next power brings the energy to a new level. As vibrations get higher, the energy tends to be more internalized.

25 V (5×5)

This is the part of us that has the potential to be extremely creative. A strong 25 V may become a creative genius if this creativity is nurtured and expressed.

36 V (6×6) (2x2x3x3)

This is the part of us that wants an idealized community where everyone can work together to work out their problems and issues. For a 36 V, everyone does not have to agree, but people should be willing to work together and support each other to maintain a well functioning community. A strong 36 V may be anxious or upset when the world is not being the way they want it to be.


With the factors, you combine the energies of the core vibrations that make up the vibration.

6 V (Sextile) (3×2)

Sharing with others in a smooth harmonious way

10 V (Decile) (5×2) (Opposition in 5 V)

Playfulness with others, creative interactions

12 V (Semisextile, Quincunx) (4×3)

Smooth and flowing action, active and receptive at the same time
12 V is not always easy because the semisextile and quincunx are not in compatible signs. The person has to work out how to do both at the same time.

14 V (7×2) (Opposition in 7 V)

Internal focus, discipline and mastery in participation with others, training or being trained

15 V (5×3) (Trine in 5 V)

Wants to play in a non-competitive way, play for fun, free-flowing playful creativity

18 V (9×2) (Opposition in 9 V)

Interact with others in community (can be compatible or oppositional), strong need to connect and feel included in community, bringing the disenfranchised into community

20 V (5 x 4) (Square in 5 V)

A drive to play, needs to act on their creativity

21 V (7 x 3) (Trine in 7 V)

Harmonious inner focus, gifted natural flow, graceful mastery

22 V (11 x 2) (Opposition in 11 V)

Feels stifled by others, restless and impatient, but wants to interact with people. Wants to be with people that do not seek to be controlling each other. Seeks adventure and to be inspired to new levels.

24 V (8×3) (Trine in 8 V) (6×4) (Square in 6 V)

Smooth flowing action to try to make something happen in the world, challenge with having smooth flowing interactions with others, interacting with others in a flow to try to act and get something done

26 V (13×2) (Opposition in 13 V)

Wants to be special or do special things with others

28 V (7×4) (Square in 7 V)

Struggle or challenge to reach mastery, may put too much pressure on themselves, taking action from a place of silence and internal focus

30 V (5x3x2)

Creative and playful interactions that flow smoothly


Instead of doing a never-ending list of factored vibrations, I’ll stop here.

It’s important to think of the factors as a combined energy of the core vibration(s) and also as an aspect in the core vibration(s). There are many ways things can manifest in a life and there is a need to think symbolically with Vibrational Astrology as we have to do in other forms of astrology. Possibly the 4 indicates a lot of Action energy in that part of the person’s life, but it can also indicate a friction or a struggle to make the core energy flow. As we grow and evolve, the meanings of a particular pattern in a person may shift.

There are infinite vibrations to explore. If energy isn’t flowing in a lower vibration, it may demand our attention and lessen what we feel of higher ones. We may not find the energy we know we have in a vibration we expect, but later we’ll be surprised to find it somewhere else that also makes sense. They may alternate in our lives because we are complex people and we act different ways in some situations than we do in others. Some vibrations may have more energy in our life than others, but even a lower one that doesn’t look very strong will have a planetary pattern that makes sense in the client’s life. It’s a fascinating never-ending story and this is a great tool to look at it more deeply.


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Graphic created from one of the planetary mandalas in Sirius 3.0

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