Yang, Cardinal, Fire

A Yang or Masculine sign or planet is active and oriented outward.

Cardinal signs initiate activity. They set the goal and the agenda.

Fire signs initiate action. They represent inspiration and creative expression.

Fire is considered a Hot element, which means that it excites, disperses and moves things. Fire is also Dry, which can cause separation or self-containment.

Aries and these Qualities

As the first sign and as the first Cardinal sign, Aries is about new beginnings and new journeys. Aries starts projects. Aries determines the path for the journey.

As a Yang sign, Aries projects its energy outward and wants to take action. Aries leads the way, sometimes impulsively. The willingness to take decisive action contributes to their success when it is done well.

As a Fire sign, Aries has a lot of inspiration and can be full of ideas. Aries is energizing, enthusiastic and full of life.

Combining these, Aries is the seed that starts it all. Aries is the start and the inspiration that propels us on the journey.

Rulership of the Body

Aries rules the Head. Aries also represents accidents and acute symptoms like fevers and infections.

People say Aries rules the head because the Ram batters into things. This reflects the headstrong reputation of Aries, seen as doing things in their own way. The bodily processes ruled by Aries are sudden and acute, which corresponds with the heat and the impulsive nature that are associated with Aries.


Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars has the courage to break free from the group or to speak the truth when that is what is needed to live with integrity. Aries is a sign of new beginnings Mars is the planet of Action. The energy of Aries is to set out on a new journey and go!

The Sun is exalted in Aries. Aries is an individualistic, pioneering sign where the Sun can really channel his energies and shine. Aries values simple truth and can be blunt. The illumination of the Sun can shine the light in Aries to help the truth be seen and expressed.

The association with the Sun also contributes to the reputation of Aries as a sign of energy and vitality.

More Thoughts on Aries

Aries has an impulsive, driving energy.

Aries is true to their instincts and impulses, “what you see is what you get”

Aries is “I”. Aries is the individual and the hero’s journey.

Aries is self-reliant.

Aries strives to be free from the majority opinion and think for itself.

Aries is competitive and seeks a challenge

Aries seeks instant gratification.

Aries does not hold a grudge. They vent and move on.

Vibrational Astrology

In Vibrational Astrology, each sign is an approach to life, it’s how we do things, it’s a phase in making our contribution to life. Aries’ contribution of life is recognition of the fact that our lives are made up of our own decisions. The Aries energy is self reliant and it seeks to get to a truth that resonates. Aries has a sense of independence because it doesn’t want to just trust what others say. Aries is trying to stay honest with themselves to find what is real and authentic. In the stage of development that Aries represents, the intention is to find one’s own voice.

In actual people, this is an unconscious instinctual drive that can come out in different ways. Aries may be a pioneer or lone wolf that breaks expectations to follow their own path. Sometimes their unique path is accepted, but sometimes they would rather leave than try to fight for it. Aries has the courage to stand up for the outcast and point out hypocrisy. Aries does not necessarily want to fight. Some of the strong Aries are even known for being good mediators. Aries just wants to find its own way in life and express the truths that it sees. Aries has the courage and willpower to break free from the crowd. Aries will determine its own path through life even if others don’t understand it. Aries does not want to live a life of somebody else’s expectations.

In Vibrational Astrology, the zodiac sign is secondary. It can help us understand what the person is trying to do (whether they are conscious of it or not). In the case of Aries, the underlying motivation is to live their life in an authentic and honest way.


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