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This is the first in an Election 2020 series focusing in on particular parts of the charts of the candidates. I realize that it’s best to consider a whole chart, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus in and explore one thing. In this case, I have decided to focus on the Moons of the Democratic candidates. I chose this after looking at tri-wheels showing me the Democratic candidates in relation to the 2020 General Election and the Inauguration speech.

For the election, I used the final closing time for the polls. Whether the votes will be counted by then or not, this is the deadline for the votes to be cast. When I first ran the election chart for 11 PM, both moons were near the MC which caught my attention. Then I checked the closing times to be sure, and good thing because I had to change the chart to midnight to reflect the voting in Hawaii and Alaska.

Now both Moons are in the 9th house.

triwheel - election Biden Harris

So, here we see the election on the inside wheel, set in Washington DC when the last of the polls close. The Moons of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both in the 9th house of the election.

The Moon represents the feelings and emotions. It is our sense of the past brought into the present. I think the Democratic Party is trying to resonate with our Moon. It desires to be seen as the party for all of us. The Democratic Party is at least outwardly supportive of the efforts to bring racial justice to society. It is sympathetic to the idea of righting past wrongs. It extends compassion to the refugees and immigrants. The Moon is also nurturing and wants to feel safe. The Democratic Party is seen as the defender of the safety net. It also proposes more programs to distribute benefits to the “have nots”.

The 9th house is philosophy, higher education and broad ideas for society. The 9th house expands our boundaries with travel and has a big vision for society. The Democratic Party is associated with big ideals and big programs. For education, they span from universal pre-K to universal (free) college. Medicare for All would centralize the healthcare system into one big plan for us all. Our existing programs like SNAP (food assistance), Social security, Medicare and Medicaid are based on a vision of society where everyone has their basic needs met regardless of their current situation. These broad visions are 9th house. The 9th house also concerns immigrants and foreigners.

So I think these Moons in the 9th house show that the candidates are able to resonate with the Democratic Party and its ideals even though the scope of the changes they support is less than that of more activist segments of the party. Joe Biden is known for his empathy and personal touch. Kamala Harris has a passion that is rooted in her past and the hard work required to get where she is now.


triwheel - inauguration Biden Harris

When I created the tri-wheel for the time of the speech on Inauguration Day, these beautifully symbolic Moons moved to the 12th house. Oh no! – the dark and weak cadent house. The house of the unseen. The house of self-undoing…
This might be a bad sign for the Democrats.

However, it is also the house where you find yourself when you are thrust into the light. Moving through the houses diurnally, you travel through the underworld shedding what you have until your are at the bottom of the chart – the angle called the IC. Then starting up again until you are “born” at the Ascendant. After you cross into the 12th house, suddenly you are thrust into the full light of day and you need to get your bearings before you can start to climb.

If the Democrats do win the White House, it may be that kind of experience for them. We may still be in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly even worse because it will be the middle of winter. We may have undergone small business or commercial real estate bankruptcies by then. We may still have high unemployment. Whether any of the above is true or not, we certainly will be dealing with a very large debt load as a country, as a world. It’s not hard to think of disorienting circumstances that could make for a tough beginning if they win and get thrust into the light.

I also notice that the Moon of the Inauguration chart is in the 12th house, between and close to the candidates’ Moons. This Moon feels to me like the resonance is still there. The question is: is it hiding in defeat or starting a new climb?

To dig deeper, I isolated the Moon in each of the candidate’s charts.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has the Moon in Taurus in the 5th house, the house of children and creativity.

natal - Biden

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. In Exaltation, the Moon is raised up, it’s elevated. The Moon is also in very early degrees of the sign, it’s new to Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus is Venus’ earthy night sign. It is associated with nature and comfort and being in touch with your senses. When the Moon is here, it can feel comfortable and safe. Even though Joe Biden’s Moon just passed into Taurus, I think this position gives Joe Biden comfort with his emotions and the ability to show them publicly. From what I understand, this really wasn’t a choice for him. Newly elected in a race he wasn’t expected to win, his wife and daughter were killed and his sons were injured in a car accident. He chose to continue to serve, commuting to be a single father to his sons.

Through the years, he has cultivated this emotional side and is seen as an empathetic listener who takes a great interest in people’s personal stories.

Joe Biden was born with the Moon in the Waxing Gibbous phase between the 1st quarter moon and the full moon. It is an energetic Moon growing in light and moving towards peak expression. His secondary progressed Moon is in the New Moon phase, planting the seeds to start something new.

Joe Biden’s natal Moon has a tight quincunx to Neptune in the 10th house. Using Vibrational Astrology, Neptune is that magical sense of childlike excitement. It reflects your dreams and ideals, whatever is larger than life to you. The Moon is your roots, your ancestry, your memories. The Moon brings the past into the present. I think this quincunx reflects a difficulty integrating ideals for society with the history and the past. A quincunx in Vibrational Astrology is a potential that we have, like a seed. It takes a breakthrough, and maintenance and watering to integrate it, but when it does, it flourishes.

Kamala Harris

Kamala has her Moon in Aries in the 11th house, the house of benefactors and groups.

natal - Harris

The Moon does not have any dignity or debility in Aries, but the qualities of the Moon and Aries aren’t very compatible. Kamala Harris’ Moon is in the later degrees of the sign, meaning that the placement is matured. Aries is ruled by Mars. Aries is Mars’ active, fiery day sign. It is associated with initiating activity and individualism. When the Moon is here, it is driven to take action. It is motivated by a fiery impulse.

The Moon is opposite the Sun and Mercury. Kamala Harris was born just before the full moon (09′). The full moon is a time of peak light and illumination. The Moon lights up the night. In Vibrational Astrology, Sun Mercury means clear communication. One interpretation of Sun Mercury opposite Moon could be interacting with others using clear communication to bring the past into the present. I feel Kamala Harris does this when discussing sentencing disparities and other injustices. She brings her fire and passion but has a very clear communication style.

The Moon is also sextile Saturn in Aquarius. This sextile connects in with the opposition above adding some discipline to her heart-felt communication and leading her to focus on what is essential and long lasting. Saturn strips away the superfluous.

The Moon is also sesquisquare Uranus in Virgo. This is a hard aspect, meaning tension, but it may be more buried or unconscious. It may be difficult for her Moon to feel comfortable being spontaneous or in the moment.

Kamala Harris’ progressed moon is in the waxing Gibbous phase. This is a time of great energy where other people can see your potential, but you haven’t reached your peak yet.


triwheel - election Biden Harris

Both of these Moons seem to reflect the candidates as they are seen in public. They are also very resonant with the Democratic Party and its stated ideals. The Moons have contributed to how we see these candidates and it seems like a good sign to see them on the same page with each other. Although the Moons are in signs with different qualities, they are still working together in the same place for a common goal.


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