Election 2020 – Inauguration – Strongest Vibrations

For me, it has been an interesting and anxiety-provoking time moving through the milestones on the way to the transfer of power in the United States. Over these two months, I’ve been looking to charts in various ways, but didn’t feel I found much to write about. Given the events of last week, I’m feeling new things in one of my approaches and would like to share my ideas.

In Vibrational Astrology, 5 is a vibration (harmonic) that is mainly thought of as playful and fun. It is non-linear and organic energy moving out of you. It is creativity, play and exploration.

In Vibrational Astrology, there is a software that can be purchased that will tell you which vibrations are the strongest ones in the chart you are analyzing. When I first saw that the strongest vibrations at noon on January 20, 2021 in Washington DC were in the 5 family, I thought that was good and hopeful news.

Now, I’m starting to think of a strong energy of “non-linear and organic flow” in a different way. For a formal event like an Inauguration a few weeks after a mob stormed the Capitol, I would like the energy to be linear and easy to predict. I’m worried that a strong energy of organic flow and creativity might not benefit the established order.

15 V and 30 V

The strongest vibration is 15 (5×3) which is non-linear organic creative flow that is also free-flowing, easy and smooth (the 3 Vibration is a Trine). The second strongest vibration is 30 (5x3x2) which is 15 energy that includes interactions with others (whether conversational or confrontational). (the 2 Vibration is an Opposition, the 6 Vibration is the Sextile). The planetary patterns are similar, so I’m going to discuss them together.

In 15 V, Neptune, Sun, Uranus and Mars are within 4 degrees of each other in a conjunction. As a conjunction, they carry pure 15 energy. These planets also form a conjunction in 30 V.

  • Neptune is attraction to the dream, the ideal, how we want things to be… It’s whatever feels larger than life or gives us child-like excitement and wonder.
  • Uranus is our impulsivity. It lives in the moment and doesn’t think about the past or the future. The energy of Uranus is not worried about consequences or the opinions of other people.
  • Mars is our drive or motivation and our ability to take action.
  • The Sun highlights the patterns it is a part of and provides clarity. The Sun shines on us every day. We don’t even really pay attention to the Sun very often. Instead, we focus on what it lights up for us to see.

The planets in this conjunction worry me. One interpretation is that this non-linear organic flowing energy will be expressed through sudden, spontaneous, tangible actions that are directed toward achieving a magical dream.

This conjunction is part of two circuits in 15 V.

In the stronger circuit of hard aspects, the conjunction is square a Mercury Pluto conjunction (opposition in 30 V) and also aspecting Saturn (semisquare and sesquisquare in 15 V, square in 30 V)

  • Mercury is our logic and our thought patterns. It represents our ideas
  • Pluto is a modifier. It makes the patterns it is in more obsessive or compulsive
  • Saturn is our prioritization for the long term and the meaningful. It strips away the things it doesn’t think are important or long-lasting

The square is the aspect of action, so one possible interpretation of the 15 V conjunction square Mercury Pluto is that obsessive thoughts or passionate pursuit of an idea will drive the sudden, spontaneous, tangible actions directed toward achieving a magical dream. In the 30 V opposition, there would be interaction and back and forth between these two things.

The hopeful part of this is that Saturn is in the circuit. There are some unhelpful ways Saturn can interact with this pattern. It could strip away the unnecessary parts of the coup attempt and make it more effective and focused. It could add a long-term intention to their dream of how our country should be that would not be welcome to me… However, Saturn is often a stabilizing influence and I feel it’s a welcome addition to a pattern like this. Saturn and Uranus are at cross-purposes, which can cause tensions, but at least some of the energy will be considering consequences and the long-term impact of their actions and ideas. Saturn can also make the Mercury more analytical and it can make Neptune more spiritual and/or prioritizing dreams that are meaningful and well-considered.

15 V also has a circuit of soft aspects. This circuit is less strong and contains a grand trine with a Neptune Sun conjunction, Venus and the Moon. Uranus and Mars are not part of this circuit.

  • Venus is our attraction to beauty, to see it, to be it, attraction beautiful things
  • The Moon brings the past into the present. It is our emotions, our memories, interest in history

The Neptune Sun conjunction highlights the dream we discussed above, or maybe a different one. This can be any kind of dream that feels larger than life. The Moon and Venus are connecting to this dream in a smooth, free-flowing way. They interact with the dream with little resistance. The Moon brings in the energy of our history and also our memories and emotions about that history. As this is an event and not a person, the memories and emotions around the history, and even the history we see, is diverse and varying. Venus brings in the attraction of beauty, symmetry and harmony. Our ideas of what a beautiful dream is for our country varies too, probably as much as our memories and emotions of what we’ve been through so far. The combination of Neptune and Venus can also bring a dreamy romanticism, a glossing over.

Both of these circuits will be activated when the Inauguration starts, but they are separate.

10 V

The next two strongest vibrations are 10 V (5×2) and 20 V (5×4). 60 V (5x4x3) the 6th strongest vibration. This event chart has a very high focus on the 5 V family and the top 4 are low vibrations, so they are more likely to be felt by people. As this is getting long, I’m not going to discuss them all, but I do want to talk about 10 V (non-linear, organic flow in interaction with others).

The planets from the conjunction in 15 V and 30 V are still connected to each other, but now they are in a circuit of soft aspects. They are also still connected to Mercury and Pluto, but Saturn is no longer part of this pattern. Saturn is part of a separate circuit of hard aspects with Neptune and Pluto. Neptune Pluto brings passion. Hopefully, Saturn’s continued connection to the obsession and the dream itself will provide some stabilization and long term focus.

The circuit for the soft aspects allows us to see the connections between the planets from a different level of detail. Mars and Uranus are still in conjunction, so the spontaneous or impulsive action or achievement is a pure 10 V energy. Mars Uranus is in smooth, freely flowing energy to the Sun and to Neptune. So again, this impulsive action is focused on the dream that’s being highlighted.

The sextiles represent smooth flowing energy in interaction with others. The Neptune dream is smoothly interacting with the Mercury ideas and mental processes. Those mental processes are smoothly interacting with the Mars Uranus impulsive action. The impulsive action is smoothly interacting with obsessive Pluto. The obsession is smoothly interacting with the Sun, which shines a light on it. The Neptune dream is also interacting directly with the Pluto obsession as seen by the opposition between them.

Mercury which represents ideas and mental processes is also being highlighted by its interaction and opposition with the Sun.

There is a quincunx between Saturn and Mercury. A quincunx represents a difficulty early in life that is a seed for a potential gift if you can break through it as you grow. Relating this to the country, this could point to a conflict between our ideas and thought processes and our ability to focus on and prioritize the long-term and meaningful. The quincunx shows that this has been a struggle, but holds the promise that it’s possible to bring these together in a powerful way.


I’m worried it might be another day of ill-conceived “revolution”. In the vibrations associated with non-linear, organic, creative flow that are going to be strongest of all the vibrations, the energy is being expressed by planets representing obsession, impulsivity, action and a focus on ideas and dreams. I would prefer the Inauguration to have a strong Saturn (long term focus), no Uranus (impulsivity) and maybe be in a vibration like 19 (analysis of systems, coordinating parts to improve the whole).

However, I feel the need to point out again that normally the 5 vibration family has a playful and light interpretation. It’s sports and games and creative endeavors. Maybe the Inauguration speech that starts at 1:00 on January 20, 2021 will have creative ideas that shine a light on aspects of our country to unite us in spontaneous, compulsive action towards a new dream for a more constructive democracy that works for all of us. If that’s the Neptune dream, the same planets expressing through that creative vibration could be interpreted that way.

The interpretation I’ve laid out reflects my worry and anxiety. Maybe it’s the events of this week, maybe it’s the Pluto return for USA, maybe it’s the reset of the outer planet cycles, but I’m pretty sure a speech isn’t enough to give us a fresh start on the American Dream. We clearly aren’t done yet. There is denial of many of our shadows and problems and little desire for real change or collaboration. With shadow, that doesn’t work. You have to go through.

The relevance of the connections I see in these charts worries me, but I trust in our systems and our Constitution. While the energy of Inauguration Day may point to another test for our democracy, these times provide us with the opportunity to bring issues to the surface so we can evolve our ideas and mental processes. If we don’t see the problems from all perspectives, we can’t work to solve them in a mutually beneficial manner. If we all come together to focus on working on what is meaningful and long-lasting, we may be able to strengthen our foundation and move this beautiful experiment to the next stage.

Note: The official outputs from the Vibrational Astrology community are researched and peer-reviewed. Most material from the Vibrational Astrology community focuses on natal charts. I have extended it to mundane. This is not official. This is my own contribution based on my understanding of the energies.

Note: Frequency Finder is the name of the software I used to identify the strongest vibrations. If you have Sirius 3 and would like pricing and/or more information on Frequency Finder, contact Linda Berry. She also offers classes in Vibrational Astrology.

Chart for 30 V for reference

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