Election 2020 – USA Sibly Chart

In this post, I want to view transits for when the polls close for the US election and for the Inauguration speech in relation to the US Sibly chart.

I realize there are other charts for the United States that would place the planets in different houses, but this chart seems to be when the USA was communicated, so seems like a good place to start.

Triwheel - US election inauguration

In the chart of the United States, the transiting South Node falls in the 1st house, the house of Self. In some types of astrology, the South Node is associated with what we came into this life already possessing, the things we are good at. Throughout this life, we are meant to let some of this go. The South Node (Ketu) is also associated more generally with loss and elimination. It is the tail with no head, the energy that prompts us to clean out and release – willingly or not. This puts the North Node in the 7th house, the house of contractual relationships, the house of the Other.

Depending on how we look at this, it can be interpreted in different ways.
Perhaps, this indicates all of the citizens becoming more self-less and a strengthening of the systems that provide for the welfare of others.
Or maybe it indicates some loss of status for the Self of the country, lessening ourself as our counterparties grow in influence.
Or maybe we are able to let go of some of the ideas of what our country is (or maybe ideas about what it should be) in favor of a more connective and relating society.
No matter what it means, if this is our country’s birth time, the South Node will somehow change how we project ourselves and see ourselves as it passes through our 1st house.

In the 2nd house of resources, we see Pluto moving towards the USA Pluto Return. Pluto represents the deep and the buried. Pluto is also intense and compulsive. The unfortunate thing for us is that in mundane astrology, Pluto represents Debt. Pluto returns are associated with things being taken away so you have to rebuild. They can be dramatic changes in status. While the the debt and currency of the US is still seen as safe, this energy indicates that there are no guarantees on the future.

During the election, Saturn and Jupiter are also with Pluto. These conjunctions that have been and will be taking place also indicate potential change in status. Each of these conjunctions start a new cycle, a change in dynamic between each pair of planets as we move forward with new energy. By the time of the Inauguration, Jupiter and Saturn will have already moved on into Aquarius and the new cycles will have already begun.

In the 3rd house of neighbors, siblings and short everyday trips, we find Neptune. Neptune can indicate the blurring of boundaries and maybe confusion.
This could mean we get closer as communities grow ever wider as we erase boundaries.
Or it could mean that separate even more as we hold on tightly to our known familiar people and places in order to avoid confusion and nebulousness.

In the 4th house of home, family and our roots and foundations, we find Mars Retrograde in Aries. I think this reflects some of the anger and division we are seeing. There is blatant obstruction of voters, threatened violence and unchecked attacks on our ability to know what is true and what isn’t. For both sides, it seems like the “other side” isn’t even seen as human – or at least not someone that we can actually listen to.

By the time of the Inauguration, this Mars is direct and has moved into the 5th house of creativity. This Mars is in detriment, so I don’t want to project too much optimism, but Mars and Uranus in the 5th may bring forth new insights and creative actions that move us forward in a new direction. Some healing of this Mars anger may also be indicated by having the Moon and North Node on the USA Mars on the Descendant. The Moon can give these emotions expression which may be very nurturing. The North Node represents increase more than release, so the Moon North Node on the USA Mars may just add even more emotion to the anger and discord we are seeing.
Or, maybe it adds to the potency of the Moon and points in the direction we’re supposed to go for our evolution.

Venus and Mercury are in the 10th house of public reputation and outcomes. I think it would be very nice to see beauty and harmony (Venus) and logical process and good communication (Mercury) for the election, but it’s tomorrow so I just can’t predict that. The Sun is in the 11th putting a focus on our benefactors and alliances and the friends that help us. By the time of the Inauguration, these three planets move to the 2nd house of resources. So maybe these are talents and skills we have, but the heat of Mars is taking all the focus.

The energy of these transits can be expressed in many ways, and as you see above, some have contradictory outcomes. This does not lessen the appeal of astrology. When you’re navigating the world, it can be helpful to reflect on the basic energies. Even if they don’t give you the one answer, they can broaden your perspective and deepen the meaning in what you see.

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